Thursday, May 13

Geez Life!

Well it has been too long since I last posted... :( Life took some unexpected turns for me recently, but that will not deter my drive to lose weight and get healthy!! Over this past weekend I spent it in Washington with my family visiting my grandparents! It was a blast and I surprisingly stayed on my diet as much as physically possible (I wasn't about to make demands to my grandmother about what to prepare for dinners and such.) I decided to take a small break from my hard work outs to give my body some time to catch up to all the torture I was putting it through, but I didn't become a couch potato! My grandparents have a big huge farm and I spent most of the weekend running all over hells half acre showing Jesse all my childhood craziness! So I have officially decided to move to Washington... JK but seriously. I love Washington so much and everything was so perfect this weekend that I didn't want to come home. But of course I did.... :)

I went to the gym Monday night when we got back, but didn't dare get on the scale, because I did cheat a few times while in Washington and I was scared... ha ha. But I finally braved it and got on the scale last night. I have lost 5 lbs since starting! So now I am down to 170! I know that doesn't seem like much, but for someone who hasn't lost any weight since high school that was amazing to me!

The best advice I can give right now is always take it slow and listen to your body! This isn't a sprint so you need to take the time and be patient with what is happening. For example, the last two days my body has been really sore, I'm not sure if it is from my workouts or something else, but I listened to my body and didn't go to the gym. My body was yelling for rest and that is what I gave it. I did a lot of stretching to loosen the sore muscles and of course drank plenty of water to help everything relax. So always, always listen to your body!


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